Meeting Rooms

The Boyden Library has two meeting rooms.

  • The Community Meeting Room: suitable for large group meetings
  • The Fuller Conference Room: suitable for small group or committee meetings

Please allow up to 5 business days for requests to be processed.

  • The Boyden Library has two meeting rooms - the Community Meeting Room, suitable for large group meetings, and the Fuller Conference Room, suitable for small group or committee meetings. The rooms are available for use on the following basis:
  • Library programs and activities have first priority for meeting room use. Groups may be requested to modify their bookings to accommodate library needs.
  • The use of meeting rooms is free of charge to non-profit groups (2 or more persons) and organizations.
  • All meetings must be open to the public, and free of charge to all attending.
  • Meeting rooms are available for use during hours the library is open, and up until 9:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday evenings.
  • Monday – Thursday evening meetings must end by 9:30 pm; Friday afternoon meetings by 5:30 pm; and Saturday afternoon meetings by 4:30 pm.
  • Meetings may be booked up to six months in advance. Because of the high demand for meeting rooms at Boyden, the library reserves the right to rescind booking privileges if a group does not use its reserved dates and fails to notify the library in a timely fashion.
  • The meeting rooms are not available for commercial or fund-raising programs or activities other than by library groups.
  • Meeting rooms are not available for private social functions, political campaigns, religious services, or any other activities in public spaces restricted by law.
  • Food and beverages are allowed only for library sponsored events.
  • Set-up, take-down, and clean-up of the meeting rooms is the responsibility of the group using the room.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served at meetings.
  • Meeting room use is available on an equitable basis to all groups and organizations regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the group, provided that all other criteria listed are met.
  • The library seeks the broadest possible community use of its meeting rooms and can make no commitment to host the regular meetings of any single group or organization.
  • Use of the meeting rooms by a group or organization does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group or organization's policies or beliefs by the Boyden Library.
  • All scheduled meetings must be contained within the Community Meeting Room and/or Fuller Conference Room. Use of lobbies, hallways, or library space is not permitted unless specifically authorized by the Library Director.
  • Meeting room use must not interfere with or disrupt the programs, activities, and normal operations of the library, must not cause a security risk or safety hazard to library staff, property, or patrons, and must not violate local, state, or federal laws.
  • Failure to observe this Meeting Room Policy will result in loss of Meeting Room Booking privileges.
  • Any individual or group/organization using a meeting room agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Boyden Library, Board of Trustees, the Town of Foxborough and its officials for any and all liability which may occur from the use of the premises.
  • Boyden Library and the Town of Foxborough assume no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any property of any group/organization or individual using Library facilities.

Approved by Boyden Library Board of Trustees
Date: March 10, 2020