Science Isn't Always Pretty - A Spinney Speaker Series 2017 Event

Friday, Sept. 22nd at 4 p.m.

By: Kathleen Harney
September 1, 2017

Ages Kindergarten and Older--Registration Required

Get ready for Keith Johnson and 50 minutes of wild show and tell, outrageous scientific facts, scatology and more! Keith covers a lot of ground, from snake skins to simple machines and superstitions to Isaac Newton. He will dissect owl pellets to see what ithe owl ate for lunch and chemically conjure a batch of slime to see how well it flies and breaks the soundbarrier with an everyday machine that travels over 900 miles an hour. Lots of scientific investigation and out-of-the box questions.

Registration will begin September 8. Go to and click on the Events Calendar or call the Children's Desk at 508-543-1246.

Sponsored by the Spinney Speaker Series, there is no charge to attend.